Gangabal Lake


Gangabal, a pristine jewel tucked in the enthralling region of Kashmir, is a must-see for adventure seekers and environmental lovers. Gangabal, located at an elevation of 3,570 metres, offers spectacular beauty and an unsurpassed sense of tranquility. Gangabal is a haven for anyone wanting an escape into nature’s embrace, with its stunning alpine meadows, crystal-clear glacial lakes, and majestic snow-capped summits.

The Gangabal Lake, popularly known as Harmukh Ganga, is certainly the highlight of Gangabal. This breathtaking glacial lake is encircled by high mountains, giving it a dramatic setting that will take your breath away. The turquoise waters reflect the neighbouring peaks, creating a wonderfully captivating image.

Beyond the lake, Gangabal is home to a vast diversity of vegetation and fauna, making it a naturalist’s paradise. During the summer, the neighboring meadows are adorned with bright wildflowers, which paint the scene in a riot of colors. Keep an eye out for uncommon and unusual bird species that call this region home, as there are plenty of possibilities for birdwatching aficionados.

Gangabal is also a starting point for exciting trekking trips. The Gangabal-Naranag Trek is a tough yet rewarding adventure that takes you through gorgeous valleys, lush forests, and high mountain passes. The hike provides panoramic views of the spectacular Harmukh Peak and leads you through rural settlements, giving you an insight into the native way of life.

Locals regard Gangabal as a sacred site for individuals seeking a spiritual connection. Because the surrounding mountains are thought to be the homes of ancient deities, it is a popular pilgrimage site. Visitors can immerse themselves in Gangabal’s spiritual aura while witnessing the region’s rich cultural legacy through local ceremonies and traditions.

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Gangabal Lake Trek

Best time to Visit: June to October

₹ 10,500